Fine 'Murican Music

Alabama Threeway strives to honor the proud 'Murican traditions of classic country, western swing, and other roots music with lush vocal harmonies, stripped-bare musicianship, and raw, unpolished emotion.

Current Members:

Amy Adair on vocals.

Arne Haslund on bass.

Britt Hansing on vocals, autoharp, and tambourine.

Frank Outhet on guitars, fiddle, mandolin, and vocals.

Mark Schornack on bass, guitar, and vocals.

Markus Kamp on drums and vocals.

Michael Cox on guitar, vocals, and tambourine. 

As you know, a devastating blast literally rocked Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood in the early hours of Wednesday, March 2, 2016, injuring 9 firefighters and damaging 36 businesses, including 3 neighborhood icons that were completely destroyed. Alabama Threeway teamed with our friends at Park Pub in nearby Phinney Ridge to help the community rebuild.
The Park Pub donated profits from special servings of Naked City Brew, and in addition, Alabama Threeway donated all of our proceeds from the door to the PNA Greenwood Relief Fund.

Who the...?!